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Find us on Instagram: @greengreengreenband
Send us funny shit via Snapchat: ggg694u

Photography: Gianna Rizzo – gianna.rizzo[at]gmail[dot]com
Artwork and Graphic design: Michael Cusak

Just because this is technically OUR website, why should it be all about us? Here is some of our favorite bands (this will get updated regularly, keep checking back for new additions. I can’t be bothered listing EVERY band that we’ve made buddies with just at the moment. Come on, I’m only one guy!) that we’ve played with or partied with. If you haven’t heard any of these bands, go to their Facebook, check out their respective Bandcamps and download all of their music and give them all of your money. They deserve it, probably more than we do:

Our best friend Fievel:
Dear Ale…:
Money For Rope (their singer mixed our EP!):
Totally Unicorn (NSW):
Gay Paris (NSW):
Frozen Ocean (WA):
Valiant Jones (SA):
PaperCrane (NSW):


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